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I was ready to love the whole world, but no one understood me, and I learned to hate.

Mikhail Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time  (via bonhivers)

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How I’m spending the rest of my day.

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Black sand and cresting waves, Vík beach, Iceland. (by Matt Benton)

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Lisbeth Salander Tassel Accessorie available at

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damnfinecooper: Ok so some season 2 TP characters for you; Windom Earle, Annie Blackburn, Lana whatwashername, Dick Tremayne, Jack Wheeler?

Oh my goodness, this is heartbreaking because I can’t get the BR rn, and I haven’t finished the last few eps of S2 because I know what happens, but if I don’t actually see it, it doesn’t really come to pass, right? Right…? But!

  1. Windom Earle (don’t judge me. he intrigues me so much :P)
  2. Dick Tremayne (grown on me after that diner fiasco)
  3. Annie Blackburn (tho she seems out of place)
  4. Jack Wheeler (same reason as Annie, but legiter if ya’know what I mean)
  5. Lana Milford
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Winter Scenery of Mochou Lake, Nanjing City, China 

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